ISAT Sualtı Teknolojileri



2017 yılında kurulmuş İSAT Sualtı Teknolojileri (eski adıyla İSAT İzmir Sualtı Teknolojileri) firması tüm koşullarda deniz inşaatları ve dalgıçlık hizmetleri, kontrolörlük ve danışmanlık hizmetleri vermektedir. Kurulduğu günden bugüne, sayısız batık çıkarma, sualtı inşaatları, kontamine dalış operasyonları, irtifa dalışları, danışmanlık, kontrolörlük ve bilirkişi hizmetleri vermiştir.

It has made it a vision to constantly improve, develop, follow and exceed modern standards. It has made it its mission to keep life and environmental safety first and then quality as its first priority in these challenging areas where it provides its services.

With its expert staff and visionary founders, ISAT, which many companies it works with in the sectors it serves, has chosen as a companion to reach their goals by making the right decision, focuses on itself to not to adapt to this constantly developing underwater world, but to be the first implementer of innovations, not learning from experience, but by acting in a planned and researching spirit always. It acts with the principles of reaching the target in the shortest time at once with the right decisions by keeping its soul alive.

With its superior will, ISAT is always ready to deal with all kinds of difficult conditions, from sea salt to contaminated chemicals, from the weight of tons of ships to the pressures of meters of depth. If you are ready to make the right decision to bring your vision to life, contact us now.

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