It is the sun that gives the sea its blue color. Every morning that we wake up to difficult operations, we also get our power to achieve success from the sun.

Exothermic cutting electrode burns at a temperature of 5,500 °C. The desire to dive into a new adventure underwater within us burns at a temperature of 11,000 °C.


We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to reach the target in every environment where there is liquid. We are ready to mobilize as soon as possible and take the "big stride" required for every project.

We have the capacity to carry out contaminated and confined space diving operations with planned and safe operational preparation in many different situations.

With years of experience and knowledge, we are ready to assist you with our divers, ship and marine engineers.

The deepest point of the oceans is the Mariana Trench at 11 km. The total pipeline assembly we have done underwater is longer than the length of 6 mariana trenches.



The project is analyzed and researched starting from its surface to the deepest point.


We blend the data we collect and fill it into our "planning tank".


To turn vision into reality, we prepare our focus and equipment at full capacity to dive into the mental world and bring it out into the real world.


By filling the vision with air, we bring it to the surface of reality.

It is estimated that there are about 3 million shipwrecks underwater. We don't want to upset the wreck divers, but we have removed a considerable amount of them.